Massive raids at the homes of Baha'is in Qorveh – Iran

Jan 20, 2013 by mona Mona Penev

On the morning of January 8, in coordinated and systematic action, 13 security forces of 7 men each, entered and searched 13 Baha’is homes in Qorveh (city in Iran) in Kurdistan province.

Security forces searched the houses completely, even refrigerators and ventilator ducts.  Then they seized books and religious pictures, mobile phones, cameras, computer and laptop.

Baha'is whose homes were raided by security forces are: Khalil Eghdamian, Kambiz Eghdamian, Saeed Mansouri, Behnam Eghdamian, Mehrdad Zarei, Tayeb Salehi, Faez Salehi, Mehdi Leghaei, Attaullah Kosari, Ziaullah Kosari, Kiomars Osafi, Koroush Osafi, Saeed Khadem.

It should be noted that security forces broke the door of Khalil Eghdamian’s home and entered his home because he couldn’t hear the ringing due to use of hearing aids.

Source Name: HRANA

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